Monday, 25 June 2012

Paper Mache Monster Plant

Here is a little paper Mache monster plant I made for my mum for her Birthday. Happy Birthday mum!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mini Paper Mache reindeer for the Christmas tree

Three fat funny little paper mache reindeer

These are about the size of a can of soft drink. When I was making these I wanted them to look like someone had just picked up a cute, fat, funny mini reindeer by the reins and hung them on the Christmas tree. I’m still struggling with the painting side of things. I like the lighter coloured one the best. 

Before I painted these I covered them in cloth but it was quite difficult due to them being so small. Next time I may use something else to cover them before I paint and I really want to practice painting some ‘surprised to be hung on a tree’ facial expressions. Also I’m not sure I like the red ribbon I used to make the reins so next time I may try something else for that also. My mother’s advice about painting is to use more shades, colours of paint and adding more layers. I have watched a few video on YouTube about painting but I still have no idea. I will keep practicing!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

This little guy took me a few weeks to complete. I wanted to make something that was a cross between a teddy bear and a dragon. I started by making the body bits out of paper Mache. Once they were dry I assembled the body.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - shell

Next I gave him some fangs and claws and then some eyes. Using Dan Reeder’s cloth Mache technique I gave him some skin.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - cloth skin

I wanted to give him some scales but a tried a few different things before I settled on these.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - scale things

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - more scale things

Once he was dry I started to paint. I had only done a little of him when I decided it wasn’t working for me.

Ahh my eyes...the horror!!!!

no no no!!! grrrr

So I tried something different…

hmmm, not what I wanted!

looks like a rainbow threw up on my teddy dragon!

He wasn’t looking terrible but I still wasn’t happy so I tried to make his face a bit darker.

how not to apply makeup!!!

Hmmm, that looks bad again. I don’t like the face or the scale things at all.

I was getting rather frustrated! I can’t seem to paint very well at all.
So I decided to paint it black all over and start again. I noticed after I had painted it that some of the previous colours bled through the black. I liked that!
I added layers of reddish browns and greys and then added to more blues and purples to the scale things. Finally I was starting to feel happy with him. I took him outside and the colours really stood out in the daylight. Yes, now I’m happy.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon in my yard

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon in my

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

More Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

Bit more Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My first dragon - the creation

I was first inspired to make this little guy after viewing Dan Reeder's videos on YouTube, you can check out his work on his website

I just wanted to show you a few shots I took as I was making him as well as talk to you about his wings

First thing I did was make some body bits out of paper Mache. Once they were dry I assembled the body and gave him some claws. I made his hands and feet following Dan Reeder's tutorials on his website, check him out on the link above.

Then I put his head on (which I had made earlier). Then some eyes... I just painted the eyes onto a couple of ping pong balls.

He desperately needed some more face! So I gave him some and then used Dan Reeder’s cloth Mache technique to give him some wrinkly skin.

Once I had put cloth Mache all over him and let him dry it was time to paint. I decided on dark blue!

ARRRRG!!! Too much dark blue….. So I added some lighter colours with a damp sponge.

Once I was happy with his colour I turned my attention to his wings. I had some distressed fabric that my mother had helped me make and I was just dying to use it as dragon wings. Check out my mother's tutorial here on YouTube demonstrating how to make this fabric effect.

I painted some silver and light purple metallic paint over the wings once it had dried.

 Here are a few more pictures of my dragon once he was finished.


Saturday, 9 June 2012

More Papier Mache leaf bowls

 Here are my two new bowls. The green one tried to fall apart when I was painting it and I ended up having to put some glue between the leaves to hold it together. All the other bowls I have made in the past were very strong and didn’t need gluing. I did do some things differently when I made the green one which might be why it wasn’t as strong but it also might be the shape of the leaves. I will need to experiment more to figure it out. The camera doesn’t capture the colours as well as my eyes but I love the picture of the red bowl outside.

Red leaf bowl (looking down)

Red leaf bowl (underneath)

Red leaf bowl (side on)

Red leaf bowl (outside)

Green leaf bowl (looking down)

Green leaf bowl (underneath)

Green leaf bowl (side on)

Here is a link to my first bowl
Here is a link to my second bowl

Friday, 8 June 2012


A long time ago my sister and I used to play a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game). We spent a lot of time with wonderful group of people. One day I felt like making a comic of some of the funny things that we did. This is the comic character I drew to represent my sister and her name in the game was Angeltouch. 

The other day I was looking back over some of the comics I had written and decided to make a papier Mache Angeltouch for my sister. Though she is not identical I think she was close enough and my sister likes her. I think I will make the rest of the characters from the comic too, just need to find the time.

My sister is also really into craft and makes come gorgeous cards as well as other some other things which she has filmed herself making an posted on you tube. 

Check out her blog kezanne creates

Also check out her YouTube videos Here